Are you sick of leading a life that doesn't make sense? And making decisions that lead you astray? If so, this is for you...

​Welcome friend,

How would it feel to know that you had strong, clear, focused guidance available at any time? Meaning you couldn't keep making the same mistakes in your life. And you always felt loved, hopeful and at peace with your world.

Well, I'm here to share with you that the angels and your spirit guides are always ready to guide, lead and support!

You can begin to receive guidance to make better decisions, to access more love, and to achieve your goals and dreams...

In fact, they'd like nothing more than to help you achieve a life that is full of love, successes and wonder. Because they want nothing more than your success, wealth and happiness.

So, how do you get started on that journey?​

Hi, I'm Monique Williams....

I've been helping people to connect with God, angels and spirit guides for over 10 years. I'm a spiritual teacher, accredited success coach and psychic-channel.

I like to help people build a bridge from the life they are living, to the life that brings fulfillment, love and peace of mind!

I work with a group of 6 angels who call themselves The Teachers. When they first made themselves known to me around 10 years I had no idea what was about to happen... I was to guide and support people to make transitions in their lives that they didn't think possible. But I had to go first!

Since that time, I've studied, created, made mistakes, fallen down, stood up again. I've traveled to the US, Bali, Fiji, numerous times. I've been shopping on Fifth Avenue and Rodeo Drive. I've flown business class from Sydney to LA - four times in three years! I've built a number of businesses. I live in my dream home. And I'm planning on even bigger successes in 2017...

But none of this was even remotely possible before the Teachers turned up in my life. They challenged me to grow beyond the limitations I'd learned to place on myself. And to see that God/Source wanted me to lead an abundant, wealthy, happy life.

The Teachers and I have written over 20 online courses together. And I've coached and guided hundreds of people from all over the world to get past debt, build their own business, attract new relationships, overcome anxiety and more.

And now we want to help YOU create a life you LOVE!

Introducing The Angel Presence Membership!

Where You Can Create A Deep Conversation With The Angels And Live The Life You've Dreamed Of...

I wanted to create a safe space where you could learn how to talk to angels, receive guidance, and enhance your intuition. So that you could use all that wisdom and insight to build a life that you LOVE! 

The Angel Presence membership gives you a space to learn, discover and to grow - to build a life you LOVE with the angels help!

This program is for you if...

  • You want to know who your angels and spirit guides are - so you can call on them whenever you need them (and even when you don't!)
  • You are sick and tired of making the same mistakes over and over again in your life. 
  • You feel that change is impossible and that nothing will ever work out as you want it to!
  • You want to understand how to activate the Laws of Life - the Law of Attraction, for instance - so that you can build more abundance for yourself and your family. 
  • You want to be more aware of what your calling is in this lifetime, so you can start to live it out and experience fulfillment through it. 
  • You're sick of living on "Hopium" (hoping and wishing that things would work out!)
  • You want to experience feelings of deep worthiness, connection and love. 
  • You want to create big or small changes in your love life, career, finances and/or social network.
  • You know that you're not living the life you're meant to be living but don't know how to make the changes necessary...
  • You'd just like to experience more joy and grace in your life right now!

Monique has been gifted with an incredibly unique ability. Nothing I have experienced to date can compare to the insight and understanding she has brought to light. I am eternally grateful to Monique for transforming my life. I will never be the same. - Cat Lycett, New Zealand

Here's What You'll Receive:


You'll receive weekly emails with inspired thought from the angels, along with an affirmation for you to focus on for the week. Step by step you'll develop a strong, clear mindset that is spiritual in focus and creates outer success.


Discover how to focus the mind and generate passion towards your goals with lessons 10 channeled from The Teachers - 6 angels who speak directly through me to share a message of Oneness, teach the Universal Laws and help YOU create a life you love!


Learn how to receive direct guidance from your own angel-team! You'll receive 10 meditations to help you connect with your spirit guides and the angels waiting to help you. You'll learn how to calm the mind to receive guidance whenever you need it.


Take part in regular online events where you can put forward any questions you have about working with the angels, using the Universal Laws, your pathway to abundance and much more. These webinars will ensure you have access to answers when you need them.

Through Monique's guidance I have grown in many wonderful ways and different areas of my life. She is a truly remarkable woman with a very strong and clear intuitive channel that connects straight to my own heart and all my needs to help me reach my vision for myself and my life. I feel a wonderful connection with her. She really is a shining light. - Susan Straka, Australia

Yes! Let's Get Started!

I understand that...

I'll receive a FREE 7 day trial.

I can cancel my membership at any time in the first 7 days, and will not be charged.

And if I choose to stay on for the full program, I'll receive an audio lesson and meditation every 2 weeks to increase my happiness and create abundance, weekly inspirational emails, as well as access to special events and resources.

The course will run for 20 weeks after which I'll have ongoing access to any additional resources released! ​

I'm ready to get started now...